Biswanath College conducts international webinar on Post Modernism

A CORRESPONDENT JAMUGURIHAT: 31 July 2020. An international webinar was held on Tuesday on the topic ‘Post Modernism and new trends of literary criticism’. It was organized by the Nepali department of Biswanath College.

The webinar was conducted by Hemchandra Gautam, Head of the Department of Nepali, while Dr Chintamoni Sharma, Principal of Biswanath College, delivered his welcome address. Gyan Bahadur Chhetri, a noted author and critic, in his inaugural speech as a resource person, focused on the topic and its various aspects. Dr. Govinda Raj Bhattarai, former Head of the Department of English, Tribhuban University and eminent exponent of post-modern literature in Nepali, elaborately discussed the topic and various elements as well as trends of post-modern literature. Prof Bhattarai, in his speech, reiterated that post-modernism could not be confined in a single definition. It is a combination of a set of theories from different branches of knowledge and cyber culture adopted by people.

The writers should not only understand the need of preset time but also depict this in their creativity. Similarly, the role of present day critic is not only to wait for publication of a book for evaluation. He must be intellectually capable in exploring new areas of knowledge and guide and lead the creative authors. He also explained the gaps, absences and deconstruction of Derrida. More than a hundred scholars and authors including Bryan Hitan, Biswasdip Tigela, Govinda Regmi and Anjan Muna participated in the webinar. In addition to the participants from different States of India, there were scholar participants from Afghanistan, England, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Nepal.

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