Janajati, Madhesi forces seek to revive identity-based movement

October 25, 2019 सम्पादक 0

When the constitution was being finalised in Kathmandu in 2015, there were massive protests in the districts along the southern plains. Madhesis, Janajatis and other marginalised communities said they felt further excluded by some of the provisions of the constitution. >>>


2020 SunHak Peace Prize Laureates​

October 10, 2019 Editor 0

World peace can only be achieved when all people live together in harmony, guided by principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. Unfortunately, the world we live in does not manifest this ideal. In international relations, the principle of >>>



August 2, 2019 Editor 0

–SHREYA RAI  There was no beginning … But the ending was the worst,… That kinda relation never really work??!! Broken and hurt,she was messed up Was trying hard to control her downs and ups She was sad, She was abandoned >>>


Ursula von der Leyen elected European Commission president

July 16, 2019 Editor 0

STRASBOURG — The European Parliament on Tuesday elected Ursula von der Leyen as the next president of the European Commission — the first woman to hold the EU’s top executive job. Von der Leyen, from the center-right European People’s Party, >>>


London Marathon cash prizes

April 28, 2019 सम्पादक 0

The prize for finishing in first place of either the male or female race at this year’s marathon is £39,000. Second place receives £22,000 and third gets £16,000. A fourth placing £10,500. Overall, there is £121,000 on offer for the >>>


Limbu Journalists Association UK, celebrated second anniversary

April 24, 2019 Biswasdip 0

22 April 2019, Maidstone, Limbu Journalists Association (LJA) UK celebrated second anniversary of its establishment yesterday at Maidstone, Kent. The programme was chaired by LJA UK Coordinator Amit Yakthumba Mihaang and run by Member Secretary Srijana Ningleku. FONIJ UK’s Past >>>


Earth Hour 2019 celebrated with poetry recitation

March 31, 2019 सम्पादक 0

On 30 Mar 2019, A group of poets celebrated the event of Earth Hour 2019 in Ashford, UK. They recite poems, play the flutes, sing a song and speeches about the awareness of global warming. A international Nepalese network, Global >>>


Christchurch shootings: New Zealand will ban all military style weapons, says PM

March 21, 2019 Editor 0

New Zealand will ban all types of semi-automatic weapons used in the Christchurch attacks, says PM Jacinda Ardern. The country’s gun laws have been in the spotlight since a gunman killed 50 people at two mosques last Friday. Ms Ardern >>>


Limbuwan spring movement has been started

March 11, 2019 सम्पादक 0

Dharan, 11 March, Limbuwan campaigners launched the Limbuwan Spring movement with various demand. Campaigners released a press document with their demand and concept over Nepal’s province no 1. This province is already on the process to name the province. Campaigners >>>

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